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Fliners Blitz device



Revolutionary device for care of face and body skin created by the  American scientists and made by the company “BEAUTY BOX”. It allows rejuvenating the skin without any surgical interventions.




Due to the unique principle of its operation Fliners Blitz makes it possible to enjoy firmer and smoother skin faster and less painfully than using other beauty procedures. It ionizes particles between the tip of the device and skin. This is how small discharge of the plasma arc in the skin is created. In this small area the skin tissues tighten and firm. As a result the area of the skin lessens together with its irregularities and thin wrinkles. At the same time the body stimulates the regeneration of collagen, elastin and skin tissue. This way it smooths thin wrinkles, firms up skin and, for example, you get rid of the excess skin under the eyes when lymphatic drainage massages cannot help any more.  The biological regeneration performed with Fliners Blitz firms up the skin of face and body as well as improves its general condition.
The skin fibroblasts refreshing procedure lasts up to 30 minutes. After procedure it forms small spots of dry skin, which drops in 4-10 days. Subsequently, the new thin skin forms there and healing process takes about 4-8 weeks

Fliners Blitz effectively helps to combat these problem areas of the face and body:

  • Constricts the ocular skin excess;
  • removes thin wrinkles throughout the face;
  • Raises face and neck skin;
  • Reduces scarring;
  • Fighting skin pigmentation and other imperfections
  • Reduces excess skin at the desired area of the body (especially after pregnancy, when theexcess skin remains around the stomach).

The Fliners Blitz device is twice as effective as others and is not suitable for large areas of the skin such as the neck or abdomen. At the same time, during the entire procedure, the tip of the Fliners Blitz device has no contact with the skin of the client. Even if there is a contact, the machine automatically shuts off. So for the following reasons:

  • It can be used even in sensitive areas such as eyelashes;
  • the client does not need to inject an analgesic;
  • the skin is not restored and does not suffer from other interventions;
  • after the procedure there is no need to sew damaged areas;
  • You can simultaneously perform procedures in the abdomen, neck and in other larger areas of the skin;
  • the skin is not damaged and the client may return to the normal rhythm already on the same day (except for the area of the eyes);
  • quick and easy procedure;
  • side effects are minimal;
  • most importantly – the results are immediately visible;
  • Unlike other similar devices, Fliners Blitz is not afraid of strokes and dampness.

Hurry upset because a specialist working with the device can adjust its power. It all depends on the body where the procedure is performed. If you need a milder procedure, the device leaves only small dots. Meanwhile, more problematic body and facial areas can use the full power of the device.

The Fliners Blitz device is a genuine innovation in the world of beauty treatments, because it allows you to achieve the same, and often even better results, than the tools used up to now. This procedure does not require direct skin intervention. Moreover, the improvement in skin condition and problems takes much less time compared to surgical skin procedures.

Most importantly, Fliners Blitz is very simple to operate. Come to the training and get to know the device alive and try out our and other manufacturers’ similar devices.

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